love, peace and great music
love, peace and great music

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We stream our podcast programmes here, you can listen to each programme on demand on it’s own page, and now you can tune in to the latest aggregated podcast from our feeds on the podcast player below. Special music shows are also streamed with Mixcloud.

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We’re building a radio station that is democratic, open and free with a message of peace, love and understanding.

JOIN a growing group of inspirational voices wanting to make a difference in the world.

Anxiety Slayer 

The Overwhelmed Brain

Counsellor Toolbox and many more.

Radio that supports mental health

Radio introducing new thought and wisdom in a format that is uplifting and encouraging

Radio bringing peace, love and harmony into what can sometimes be a negative world.

Why join Shining Bright Radio?

Shining Bright Radio is a free station, manned by volunteers, created by people who know what it’s like to have mental health issues and whose main mission is to improve the lives of those listening.

Adding your voice, your talk, your idea for a show, your podcast to the station’s 24 hour / 7 days a week broadcast not only supports the station but offers you free advertising back to your own business/book/service.

But most of all because at the heart of what you do is love and a desire to add light to a world that may feel dark for many listening.

Contact Shining Bright Radio HERE or email to share your voice or offer ideas for the station. Or read more about joining this community HERE

THANK YOU for choosing to be part of this mental health radio revolution.