love, peace and great music
love, peace and great music


We’re building a radio station that is democratic,open and free with a message of peace, love and understanding.

Bringing a new vision to radio where music uplifts, inspires and empowers the listener.

Awakening people through positive messages, wisdom,  encouraging talks and reminders that as you are, you are enough.

We are setting the stage for others, introducing the world to great teachers, writers, speakers and artists while nurturing new creatives and raw talent.

A community vibe of richness and authenticity.

Positive news, mindfulness and new thought.

Spontaneously created and flowing, without the limitations of normal traditional radio.

Evolving as the community grows, more talent joins, while receiving ideas from listeners. We want this station to bring harmony, peace, love and wisdom to the world, with great music!

  • Radio to improve your mental health.
  • Radio that touches on topics not embraced elsewhere.
  • Radio making a difference.

Meet The Team!

Brian Greene

Brian Greene

Award Winning Radio Consultant

Co-founder of 'Shining Bright Radio', Brian Greene is an award winning radio consultant based in Dublin. He wants to change the world, one radio programme at a time. Brian wants 'Shining Bright Radio' to blossom and grow to be the go-to radio station for peace, love, harmony and learning. Greene says, "The World Wide Web has made us all truly global citizens and radio remains the communications tool of quality for long form talk and discussion that bridges the gaps in our world while reaching out to people."

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