love, peace and great music
love, peace and great music

Brian Greene

BRIAN GREENE - Award Winning Radio Consultant


Co-founder of 'Shining Bright Radio', Brian Greene is an award winning radio consultant based in Dublin. He wants to change the world, one radio programme at a time.

Brian wants 'Shining Bright Radio' to blossom and grow to be the go-to radio station for peace, love, harmony and learning. Greene says

"The World Wide Web has made us all truly global citizens and radio remains the communications tool of quality for long form talk and discussion that bridges the gaps in our world while reaching out to people."

Brian has been broadcasting since 1985 in non-commercial radio projects in Ireland. He embraced podcasting in 2004 and won three podcasting awards in the past decade. With a degree in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Wolverhampton in the UK, Brian is currently completing a Masters in Social Media Communications at Dublin City University.

Brian was station manager of the 'World Mental Health Week' radio station in Ireland which has broadcast multi-city for the last four years, winning two awards in the Public Relations and Healthcare Sectors.

A fanatical radio enthusiast, Brian broadcasts the 'Mental Wealth' programme on Dublin City FM and files reports on Near FM's 'Nearby Business' show. When not on the radio broadcasting or podcasting, Brian is listening to radio. Most recently he has begun experimenting with Software Defined Radio (SDR) which has ignited his love of mathematics and computer coding.

If radio, maths and coding are not boring enough, Brian is also a devoted (pun) follower of politics, and is often found watching C-SPAN, BBC Parliament and Oireachtas TV (Irish Parliament TV Channel). There is no cure for this according to medical science.

Visit Brian's website HERE or follow his writing on his blog BRIANGREENE.COM or on social media below