Kelly Martin


Self-Help Author, Podcaster and Blogger


Co-founder of 'Shining Bright Radio', Kelly Martin is the author of ‘When Everyone Shines But You’, Book 1 in a series of books dedicated to empowering people who feel lost, broken and stuck in life.

Blogging for over 10 years on the subjects of self-acceptance, anxiety, mindfulness, Ho'oponopono, people-pleasing and self-love, Kelly wants to empower people to feel a greater sense of trust and self-care in their raw humanity.

After receiving a Batchelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies, Kelly backpacked through Australia on a solo trip of self-discovery. This journey changed her understanding of her life.  After 10 years of using alcohol to block out painful anxiety and losing her father at age 26, Kelly discovered the world of self-help and is walking her way back to wellness through Reiki healing, mindfulness meditation and finding her voice through blogging, YouTube and her new adventures into audio.

In 2017 Kelly spoke to Brian for the first time in her first radio interview for Brian’s mental wealth show on 'Dublin City FM'. Little did Brian know Kelly was recovering from a severe phobia of public speaking of over 30 years. At the end of 2018 Kelly leapt at the chance to go in a whole new direction through radio with Brian and so began a positive collaboration for 'Shining Bright Radio'.

Kelly felt clearly that the station could be a great voice for people who may need support, upliftment and inspiration rather than the usual music and negative news we hear so often. To Kelly the station will be a light in a sometimes dark world.

Living an unconventional life in Gloucester, UK,  Kelly has been often called a 5 foot 10 inch 5-year-old. Sharing a home with her best friend Master ‘Yoda’ Michael, a teacher of Chinese Philosophy (in his eighties), and feeding her wild fur babies the garden squirrels, she still believes in magic even when sometimes life can feel challenging. Kelly brings her unique vision and whimsical ways to 'Shining Bright Radio' and is the Yin to Brian’s Yang.

Visit Kelly's author website HERE, follow her writing on her blog Kelly Martin Speaks, listen to her podcast Podcast For The Soul HERE or follow on social media below.