love, peace and great music
love, peace and great music

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Shining Bright Radio is a new vision for radio. We believe that audio must change to encourage, support and inspire others. Too much focus is made on negative news or dramatic headlines. We at Shining Bright Radio want new thought leaders, speakers, podcasters, writers and positive storytellers to help with the launch of the station.

If you are a good fit for Shining Bright Radio you will receive full attribution either recorded by you or by the producers back to your online courses, classes or a link back to your full podcast feed. Here at Shining Bright Radio you will reach a wider and new audience and join a growing collective of people wanting to make this world a better place.


  • Mindfulness meditation programmes to take our listeners into a state of peace and inner support
  • Talks on topics that help those with mental health issues eg. anxiety, depression, OCD, Bipolar etc
  • Community question time on a topic you have expertise in
  • Positive news midday daily
  • Nutritional and body support by experts trained in these topics.
  • Extracts from your self-help or inspirational book pre-recorded
  • Sound therapy programmes
  • Confidence boosting sessions to encourage listeners

The ideas are endless.

If you have an idea or feel you would be a good fit for Shining Bright Radio please CONTACT US

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