love, peace and great music
love, peace and great music

Shining Bright Radio – A Positive Station For A New World


The Birth of a New Era in Radio

In a media-fuelled world, sometimes we need something refreshing, something bringing encouragement into the radio waves instead of discouragement. With Facebook addiction, negative news and general drama-fuelled mass media, Brian Greene and Kelly Martin want to bring a fusion of ideas together in Shining Bright Radio.

With Brian’s immense radio background and Kelly’s self-help background, Shining Bright Radio are invoking something to improve the lives of those who listen, the intention being to make a difference every day.

What will Shining Bright Radio bring to the airwaves?

  • Empowering and inspirational speakers via podcast steams encouraging health and well-being, positive mental health and awakening concepts to empower you in your day-to-day life
  • Powerful talks and programmes to increase your knowledge and support your personal growth
  • Uplifting and beautiful music to lift your spirit
  • Positive news segments
  • Interviews with ‘new thought’ leaders
  • Mindful moments and meditation
  • AND a way for the audience to contribute by sharing their stories, positive wisdom and ideas

The station will grow and evolve as naturally as seed in the ground being planted for a new world.

We want Shining Bright Radio to be about you, what do you want to hear?

What does your soul need right now?


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Shining Bright Radio Team
Shining Bright Radio is dedicated to changing the world one broadcast at a time. Positive radio for a media-fuelled world. Inspirational speakers, talks, interviews and podcasts along with uplifting and happy music. Digital radio evolving and growing as the station welcomes people wanting to make a difference in the world.

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